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We offer professional locksmith services in 46307, IN. We are a fast mobile locksmith company that offers affordable locksmith services. Jacob's lock and key certified technicians are ready to provide 24-hour locksmith service. Our dependable, knowledgeable, experts are trained for residential, and commercial locksmith businesses, Automotive lockouts, and more. Jacob's lock and key are locksmiths around the Clock that will usually show up in your location between 15 and 25 minutes.

What are the benefits to using Jacob Lock And Key Locksmith service?

  1. Save money: We can help you save money by rekeying your locks instead of replacing them, which is often a more cost-effective solution.
  2. Improve security: We can assess your current locks and recommend security upgrades or additional measures to help protect your home or business.
  3. Avoid damage: Attempting to fix a lock yourself or using a non-professional locksmith can often result in damage to the lock or the surrounding door or frame. We have the tools and expertise to fix a lock without causing additional damage.
  4. Protect against lockouts: If you have a professional locksmith's contact information on hand, you can call them in the event of a lockout, rather than potentially damaging your property or paying for a costly emergency lockout service.
  5. Wide range of services: We offer a wide range of services beyond just lock repair and installation.

Automotive Locksmith - Car Lockout

Are you locked out of your vehicle in 46307? No worries! Call Jacob Lock And Key and ask for a professional to come over to unlock your car door. We unlock all car years makes and models, Semi-trucks, vans, pick ups and more!

Residential Locksmith Near me

We are professional who specializes in providing lock-related services for condos, apartments, houses and homes in Crown Point, IN. Some of the services that a we offer include:

  1. Install new locks on doors, and other entry points in your home. We can help you choose the right locks for your needs and budget, and install them properly to ensure the security of your home.
  2. Lock repair: If you have a lock that is damaged or not functioning properly, we can repair it or replace it as needed.
  3. Rekeying: If you have lost a key or want to change the locks on your home, we can rekey the locks to match a new set of keys. This is often a more cost-effective solution than replacing the locks entirely.
  4. Lockout services: If you are locked out of your home, we can help you get back in. We have the tools and expertise to open locks without damaging them or your property.
  5. Security assessments: We can assess the security of your home and recommend additional measures, such as security systems or safes, to help protect your home and belongings.

In addition to the services I mentioned earlier, we also offer the following services:

  • Mailbox lock repair or replacement
  • Installation of deadbolts or other high-security locks
  • Keyless entry systems
  • Gate lock installation or repair

Lockout Services

There are many reasons why you should consider using Jacob Lock and Key Locksmith Service for your lockout needs. Here are just a few:

  1. Reliability: When you are locked out of your home, car, or business, you need a locksmith you can rely on to arrive quickly and solve the problem. Jacob Lock and Key is known for our reliability, with a team of skilled professionals who are dedicated to providing fast and efficient service.
  2. Expertise: The locksmiths at Jacob Lock and Key are highly trained and experienced professionals. We have the knowledge and skills to handle any lockout situation, and can safely and effectively unlock your door without causing any damage.
  3. Customer service: The team at Jacob Lock and Key is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. We are friendly, helpful, and will take the time to answer any questions you have.

Overall, We are a reliable and trustworthy choice if you are in need of a lockout service.

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Author: Jacob Lock And Key || Date: 10/23/23

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