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Jacob Lock And Key is a family-owned locksmith service company, Our professional technicians are trained to provide all types of lock replacement, lockouts, safes, and more! Call now and our experts will be at your location between 15 to 25 minutes. Our professionals are skilled in working on commercial, industrial, and residential locks and lockouts in Merrillville, IN. If you need an emergency or non-emergency locksmith call now!

Car Lockout - Vehicle Locksmith

Did you lock your car keys in the vehicle? Don't take it hard and its very common so take it easy! Do you need a cheap car locksmith service? No worries! Jacob Lock And Key experts are working around the clock. Call now because we are located just a few blocks from you! We guess you are asking yourself is it hard to unlock my car door? The answer for your question is, not at all! The process shouldn't take more then a couple minutes. Our professionals are mobile and carry all the necessary tools to unlock your car! From wedge tools to long reach sticks.

House Lockout - Pop A Lock

Opps! You shut the house door behind you and forgot the key! Don't be hard on yourself because it happens to all of us! If you are locked out of your apartment you are probably asking what locksmith company is operating near me. Jacob lock and key is the closest locksmith in your area so call now because we are just around the corner! How to unlock house door?! our experts have pick tools the can be useful and wedge tools to unlock a deadbolt in case you lost house keys or a doorknob!

Lock Replacement Near Me

Did you move in to a new house? Do you need a lock changed? Jacob lock and key offer lock change or tumbler change in my area. We work with all major lock manufactures, Schlage, Kwickset, Defiant, Anderson, Yale key pads and smart locks, Marks, Brinks, Rim Cylinder, Profile Cylinder, Screen Doors , security door and more. Our skilled technicians with years of on site experience also offer commercial lock change, panic bars, mortise and more.

Rekey Locks

When we rekeys a lock, we modify the lock's internal mechanism so that it works with a new set of keys while rendering the old keys ineffective. Here's a general overview of the rekeying process:

  1. Assessment: We will examine the lock to determine its type, brand, and condition. We will also assess the number of pins or tumblers within the lock.
  2. Disassembly: We will remove the lock cylinder from the door or handle. This usually involves unscrewing or releasing retaining clips or screws.
  3. Pin Replacement: We will remove the existing pins or tumblers inside the lock cylinder. These are the components that correspond to the cuts on the original key.
  4. Reassembly: We will insert the new pins or tumblers into the lock cylinder according to the specifications of the new key. This ensures that only the new key can operate the lock.
  5. Testing: Once the lock is reassembled, we will test it with the new keys to ensure that they operate smoothly and that the lock functions properly.

By rekeying the lock, we essentially alters the lock's configuration to match a new set of keys. This is a cost-effective solution when you want to change the keys to your existing locks without replacing the entire lock hardware. Rekeying is commonly done when you move into a new property, lose a key, or need to restrict access to certain individuals while providing new keys to others.

Unlock Safes

Our professional's offer safes services in 46410, we specialize in opening any size, make models and type of safes. If you cant unlock your safe for any reason call us!

Author: Jacob Lock And Key || Date: 10/20/23

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