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We offer all locksmith services including lock change, rekey, and safes. Our local experts in Ogden Dunes, IN are ready to help you get back into your car and house. We offer same-day, reasonable pricing, and professional services. If you are in need of a locksmith, don't hesitate and call us now! We will be there in no time!

Car Lockout Service

A professional locksmith will not damage your car while unlocking the door. We have specialized tools and techniques to safely unlock a car door without causing damage. In fact, calling a locksmith may be a safer option than trying to unlock the car yourself. To avoid any potential damage, it's important to choose a reputable and experienced locksmith who is trained in vehicle lockouts and has the proper tools and techniques to safely unlock your car door.

House Lockout

We are professional locksmiths that are trained to use specialized tools and techniques to unlock doors in Ogden Dunes, IN without causing damage. We will typically try to use non-destructive methods to gain entry, such as picking the lock or using a bump key. However, in rare cases where the lock is damaged or broken, we may need to drill the lock or remove the lock entirely. It's important to choose a reputable and experienced locksmith to minimize the risk of damage to your lock. Always ask for their credentials, check reviews before allowing them to start work. A locksmith that is experienced and skilled, should be able to unlock your door without causing any damage.

Lock Replacement

Our experts are trained to change and repair locks including residential, industrial and commercial locks. We work on all make and models. If you moved into a new residence in Ogden Dunes, IN, changing your door locks is recommended to prevent unnotarized access. Our professionals are licensed and certified to work on Schlage, Kwikset, Defiant, Yale, Assa-aboly and more!

Author: Jacob Lock And Key || Date: 3/20/24

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